Terms & Conditions

  1. You are obliged to provide only accurate contact details during registration (correct email and phone number). Email will be used in case you lose a password.

  2. All accruals in the personal account are made according to the chosen partnership package. .

  3. You have the right to withdraw the accrued profit weekly or monthly as you might deem it fit.

  4. Spamming is strictly prohibited in all our social media groups. You must understand and fully accept this fact. If you violate this point, you will be removed from the group and administration has the right to block the account and refund your contribution balance.

  5. You are not allowed to have more than 1 account with us, you can have multiple running trades (Active deposits) on same account, but not to open another account, except it is for your company which must be registered with CAC, having a separate bank account details in the company's name. If you are found with more than one personal account, you will only retain one and the rest will be closed and your balance returned to you after subtracting your withdrawal(s)

  6. You may distribute your affiliate/referral link in any available and convenient way. But you are not allowed to share your affiliate/referral link in any of our social media groups.

  7. If you misbehave or prove not to understand or cooperate with us, deliberately or ignorantly, we have the right to delete your account and return the balance of the exact contribution amount.

  8. The establishment will not be held liable for any damage caused to our partnership program, if the actions of the establishment have been caused by government policy or accidental occurrences, including, but not limited to, website hacking/looting, natural disasters, acts of war, strikes, or any infringement of normal communications, financial regulation policy, etc.

  9. By the Grace of God, Christlike Success Links Partnership Program has come to Stay but for Peace & Agreement’s sake, this Establishment shall make sure that partners who are yet to earn up to their deposited capital get back their total balance after deducting their withdrawal(s) to Complete their Partnership Contributions Initial Capital in case anything happens along the line, God forbid. "Christ is our cornerstone." This refund would be done at the convinient of the establishment and not under duress or by force, as the establishment is not under obligation for any refund.

  10. Due to our past experience, if we by any means notice a fraudulent activity on our platform, we may have to Pause withdrawals and trading for a period of time in other to rectify the System.

  11. Likewise if Any of our Partner Misbehaves or prove not to Understand & Cooperate with us, either Deliberately or Ignorantly, this Establishment has the total right to Delete the Account & Return the balance after deducting thier withdrawal(s) of the Exact Contributing Amount of such Partner.

  12. For those who may wish to close their account before the end of their contract or in case the organization is facing unbearable challenge, you will be refunded your capital, and if you have benefited by withdrawal or transfer from the organization, it will be subtracted and the balance will be given to you via the same means you made the deposit. You are required to give us a minimum of 90 working days, starting from the day you made the request & payable instalmentally but not more than two times. In case of refund above $2000, it may take up to 180 working days. starting from the day you made the request.

  13. The establishment reserves the right to amend these rules without the prior notification of partners as occasion may demand. You, in turn, are obliged to follow the changes on the website.

  14. These terms and conditions shall take effect on the date of your registration on the website of the establishment and your acceptance of the terms and conditions.