About Us


The company, DabOlis International Ltd (RC: 1645062), the mother company for "Christlike Success Links Partnership" is a reliable & trusted company for those who wish to trade their funds in both international and local trades that will bring in reasonable returns. There are boundless opportunities in international and local trades with tangible financial benefits. Our objective is to empower people for prosperous living. To know more about us and what we stand for, visit our mother website: www.ojoisaac.xyz

We trade several commodities including, but not limited to Forex, Gold, Real Estate, Transportation, Importation of goods, Vocation Training Telecommunication, etc.


What is Forex and how does it work? Forex is a global international market for trading in currencies. Its distinctive feature is that prices are established on the basis of an agreement between the parties. This means that the prices depend only on supply and demand for a particular currency, which makes them volatile. We engage in this profitable trade and share profit with our partners.


Gold is a very lucrative global commodity traded internationally. We trade Gold as an online commodity, making huge profit and share the profit with our partners. Gold is one of the world’s most expensive materials. This is an international trade which brings huge return for our partners.


This is one of the local trade businesses we involve in. A real estate business is a business entity that deals with the buying, selling, management or investment of real estate properties. We buy landed properties and buildings. We develop, resale, rent or lease them out. We make profit in the process and share the profit with our partners.


Transportation is among the more vital economic activities for a business. With our transportation business, we enable our members to easily move their goods from one location to another. Our public transport is also open for the general public to use. Our vision is to have garage in each state of the federation here in Nigeria.


We import goods from abroad and resell them here in Nigeria, make profit and share it with our partners. We make our goods very affordable to our partners with huge discount for them.


We sell cheap data boudles, airtime, bulk sms, Cable Tv subscription, etc.


Vocation is one of our core program, we have over 20 vocational courses, developed to equip people for skill acquisition empowerment. Our training program is both online and offline with training centers nationwide. We have both free and affordable courses. Our primary intention for vocational training is not to make profit but to empower people with vocation skill.

If you are looking for reliable and profitable trading opportunities, Christlike Success Links Partnership is the best choice you can make in the financial field of trust management. To know more about us, visit our mother website: www.ojoisaac.xyz


We are embarking on an Educational programme namely Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools, with a boarding house facility. This will enable our Partners to pay school fees with discounted CSD. Our Transportation Vehicles will serve as a means of conveying boarding students to and fro during holidays and resumption.


CSLinks MarketPlace was created to help our partners transact business, connect them to millions of people around the world for patronage, both online and offline, to make sales and buy unique goods. We are committed to using the power of business to strengthen our community of Partners and empower people.


CSLinks Missionaries and Widows' forums respectively, were created to ensure Missionaries fulfil their calling without any hindering challenge. The Widow's forum ensures that our Partner widows' welfare are catered for.


You are not allowed to have more than 1 account with us, you can have multiple running trades (Active deposits) on same account, but not to open another account, except it is for your company which must be registered with CAC, having a separate bank account details in the company's name.

If you are found with more than one personal account, you will only retain one and the rest will be closed and your balance returned to you after subtracting your withdrawal(s).

All you need to do, click on deposit and select where to deposit: e-wallet or directly into your trading plan, then choose your choice of payment method: Card, USSD, Internet transfer, Mobile Money or Perfect Money.

After selecting your payment method, follow the procedure and make your payment. Immediately you pay, it reflects on your e-wallet, or trading plan with instant activation and your trade starts counting immediately.


By the Grace of God, Christlike Success Links Partnership Program has come to Stay but for Peace & Agreement’s sake, this Establishment shall make sure that partners who are yet to earn up to their deposited capital get back their total balance after deducting their withdrawal(s) to Complete their Partnership Contributions Initial Capital in case anything happens along the line, God forbid. "Christ is our cornerstone." This refund would be done at the convinient of the establishment and not under duress or by force, as the establishment is not under obligation for any refund.

The establishment will not be held liable for any damage caused to our partnership program, if the actions of the establishment have been caused by government policy or accidental occurrences, including, but not limited to, website hacking/looting, natural disasters, acts of war, strikes, or any infringement of normal communications, financial regulation policy, etc.

Likewise if Any of our Partner Misbehaves or prove not to Understand & Cooperate with us, either Deliberately or Ignorantly, this Establishment has the total right to Delete the Account & Return the balance after deducting thier withdrawal(s) of the Exact Contributing Amount of such Partner.


Automated Deposit:

The automated funding is still under process. As soon as it is automated, you can fund your account and it will reflect instantly either in your e-wallet or trading plan, depending on the one you choose.

All you need to do, click on deposit and select where to deposit: e-wallet or directly into your trading plan, then choose your choice of payment method: Card, USSD, Internet transfer, Mobile Money or Perfect Money.

After selecting your payment method, follow the procedure and make your payment. Immediately you pay, it reflects on your e-wallet, or trading plan with instant activation and your trade starts counting immediately.

Manual Deposit:

The automation of the funding process is with the exemption of Bank deposit (NGN and USD), other third party deposit agent, or Bitcoin deposit; that is to say the deposit you make via the banking hall, third party agent, or with Bitcoin, they fall under manual deposit.

After paying into any of our recommended bank account, you are required to snap-short the payment teller, receipt or history of your bitcoin e-wallet and upload it to the website.

With manual deposit, payments are processed within 24hrs and not later than 48hrs during Working Days.


Automated Withdrawal:

The automated withdrawal is still under process for Naira account. As soon as it is automated, you can withdraw your money from your e-wallet and receive it instantly, directly into your bank account anyday, anytime.

Manual Withdrawal:

We are currently using manual withdrawal pending when we will be done with the integration of the automatic withdrawal process.

Because of the migration issue we are currently fixing, withdrawal process takes up to 8-10 days for completion and arrival into your bank account, or e-currency account. It will revert back to instant payment as soon as we are done fixing the migration issues and complete the automatic integration.


For international partners outside Nigeria, you can now receive your withdrawal via PayPal.


You receive 2.5% referral bonus on the first partnership deposit of your referrers and it reflects on your e-wallet immediately.

The referral bonus is withdraw-able whether you have active partnership deposit or not.


Loan with 0% Interest is only applicable to Partners on "MAXI/LOAN Plan" & this is possible after 90 days of No Share Withdrawal/Redeposit to qualify for ×2 Initial Capital and after 180 days of No Share Withdrawal/Redeposit to qualify for ×3 Initial Capital.

The Loan is the Release of your non withdraw-able capital, your accumulated shares and the little support from us to make up the ×2 or ×3 as the case may be. Therefore, you don't owe us if you take Loan.

Your initial deposit trade is placed on hold until you return the loan, then it starts counting again. Meanwhile, you can make a new deposit to continue enjoying partnership shares while waiting to return the loan for the former deposit

To Request for Loan, send your request with your Username to: wa.me/2348176716467. Loan is treated within 7 working days.



We now have e-wallet on our partnership website. You can save your money in your e-wallet with us and make withdrawal or transfer into any of your Nigerian bank account anyday, anytime. You can also send money to any member's e-wallet free of charge. You can also make a deposit into your e-wallet free of charge.


You can make deposit directly into your trading plan with instant activation and your trading starts counting immediately. On deposit, you have the options to choose where to make your deposit; e-wallet or trading plan..

Your partnership share earning automatically goes directly into your e-wallet weekly. You can choose to withdraw it or redeposit it anyday, anytime with instant activation.


Deposit into your CSLink e-wallet is free.

Internal transfer from your e-wallet to member's e-wallet is free.

Direct deposit into your trading partnership plan or redeposit from your e-wallet for trade, attracts 5% fee.

Withdrawal from your e-wallet to your bank account attracts 2% fee for NGN & 10% for USD & other currencies.


Verification of your CSLinks Partnership Account is now necessary. If your account is not verified, you will have limitation on the amount you can withdraw. The maximum you can withdraw would be $250 only.

Immediately your account is verified, you will able to withdraw any amount & also have access to our Approved Partners Forum.

Individual Verification Documents:

The following Documents are Required to be Uploaded for the Verification of your account:

1. A Government Approved Identity Card showing your Coloured Passport Photograph, namely: Driver's License, International Passport, National ID card or Voters Card.

2. Utility Bill, to Confirm your Registered Address on CSLinks Partnership Account, e.g Electricity bill, Bank Account Statement etc.

Cooperate Entity Verification:

Those who registered with us as an Entity are required to use the following documents for their verification:

1. A scanned copy of their CAC registration certificate as their identity.

2.A recent bank statement of the organization account not more than 3 months. This will serve in the place of utility bill.